Contact Info

I still work a full time job, so please give me time to reply.  If it goes a few days without reply, please try again, as I get busy and forget.

Hours of operation are typically 6pm to 9pm, Monday to Thursday, as I still have a full time job in need to leave for by 1pm.  As long as you are here by 9:30, we can get the transfer completed for you before PICS close.  I am also open by appointment, but I try to have the weekend for family and friends.

Email is easiest, as it allows us both to keep track of what we have said, and harder to get lost than a text. is the best way to contact me.

If you want to use the phone, text is best, as I work in a loud environment and cant hear the phone ring.  But if you don’t do text, definitely leave a message.  While I’m based in PA, I have my old phone number from Maine still, but its a real number.  207-478-5003

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