Extended Eaton Blower Snout

I lost my previous place that ground the new shafts due to retirement.  I am currently looking for a place that can accommodate the grinding, as well as looking for a grinder to purchase for myself.  Please inquire about them, but for right now, I am on hold as I cant find a suitable grinder.

I currently am extending Eaton blower snouts.  I custom machine a new full length shaft, and precision grind all bearing surfaces and pully surface.

This isn’t a flimsy press on extension that ruins bearings or breaks… This is a heavy duty, machined and welded aluminum snout, with the oem bearing relocated to the front, and a heavy duty shaft that has no chance of twisting no matter how much power it is subjected to.   Check out the pictures!

This should be finished very soon.

blower shaftblower snout extension rough

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